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Carpet cleaning at least two times every year is is not only recommended, it will extend the life of your carpet.  You can try doing it yourself, but having professional carpet cleaning with powerful truck mounted systems will absolutely make a difference.

For the best in Ogden carpet cleaning, whether it’s for your home or business, your Ogden Carpet Pros are here for you. Get a free estimate or schedule your carpet cleaning anytime!

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When you are seeking the best Ogden carpet cleaning company, remember that Ogden Carpet Pros have been cleaning carpets for over 20 years. We provide both commercial carpet cleaning and residential carpet cleaning. That means whether you need house carpet cleaners or business carpet cleaners, we can be there for you. Our experienced Ogden carpet cleaning technicians use truck mounted steam extraction to leave zerorez and the cleanest carpets around. When you call your Ogden carpet cleaning pros, you are trusting the most reliable and affordable carpet cleaners in Ogden, UT. Give us a call to set up your carpet cleaning appointment today!

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Your home is your safe place, at least it should be. That’s why we take so much care making sure your home is clean with our residential carpet cleaning services. It’s all about ensuring your carpet feels clean a fresh, with the best in high pressure, steam extraction carpet shampooing services.

At Ogden Carpet Pros we take this job seriously so you and your family can enjoy the feel of clean carpet under your feet. Whether you need pet stain removal, food stain treatments, or just regular seasonal carpet cleaning services we can take care of you.

Our professional carpet cleaning services provide the best in Ogden home carpet cleaning but we don’t stop there. We provide the same high quality carpet cleaning services all over Weber County, Davis County, and Morgan County.

Our zerorez, truck mounted steam extraction carpet cleaning is safe for the environment and super effective. It gets deep into the carpet fibers to make sure no disgusting grime or grit gets left behind.

Our residential carpet cleaning technicians are all highly trained and provided with the best carpet cleaning equipment and supplies so they can deliver above and beyond results. Your home carpet cleaning services will last until you’re ready for the next cleaning about six months later, that is unless one of the kids drops spaghetti sauce on the floor, or the dog gets into a box of chocolates.

Ogden Carpet Pros are happy to answer your questions, so feel free to call with questions and let us know what you need for your residential carpet cleaning. We provide estimates over the phone, or can visit for larger jobs.

Whatever the reason, give your trusted carpet cleaners in Ogden the chance to get things clean and leave your home carpets feeling fresh and like new again. That’s what your Ogden Carpet Cleaning pros are here for!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your business is an important place. It’s where your employees spend much of their time. It’s the place where your customers come for your excellence in products or services. It’s the place you take pride and joy in making as professional as possible.

As experienced commercial carpet cleaners in Ogden, we take great care to provide lasting carpet cleaning services that your business can count on for that respectable image you desire.

We regularly provide our carpet cleaning services for a variety of businesses such as restaurants, office buildings, schools, public offices, hotels, motels, churches, medical offices, industrial buildings, industrial facilities and just about any other type of business.

We take pride in our professional Ogden carpet cleaning services. They come with years of experience helping bring old, dingy carpets back to life with high quality, truck mounted steam extraction equipment. That means you get the best type of carpet cleaning available.

Our Ogden carpet cleaning professionals are ready to answer your questions so give us a call and get a free estimate. We can usually provide pricing estimates right over the phone, but when needed we can come out to your business and take a look so we are able to give you an accurate price estimate.

Because we have been doing business carpet cleaning for so long we know what it takes to get your carpets clean and new. We have the ability to provide your Ogden commercial carpet cleaning services during off hours when your employees and customers are not there.

For your commercial carpet cleaning in Ogden Utah or any of the surrounding cities of Weber, Davis, and Morgan counties, give your Ogden Carpet Pros a call today.

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Upholstery Cleaning

We don’t often think about how dirty our furniture can get. We sit on it every day, but in the instant it takes to slide into a seat or plop onto a couch we don’t usually notice the stains and dirt. Over time, however, most people find they need a good furniture cleaning.

That’s when our professional upholstery cleaners can help you get your furniture back to looking like new again.
With regular upholstery cleaning, your furniture can last years longer. You’ll not only be able to feel more comfortable, you’ll also be able to feel more confident having guests in your home or office.

When you add other contributing factors, such as children with dirty hands, pets with a tendency to pee on the corner of couches, or people with dirty clothing, your furniture can quickly get filthy. That’s why we’re here.

Our Ogden carpet cleaning pros are also the best for your Ogden upholstery cleaning needs. We have the best tools and equipment to make sure we handle your furniture cleaning properly and professionally. 

We clean all kinds of furniture. That includes chairs, couches, futons, recliners, love seats, mattresses, ottomans and more. Our Ogden furniture cleaning experts are here for you.

We take care to make sure your upholstery cleaning is done professionally. We use the right furniture cleaning tools. We work with the best cleaning solutions. We have all the correct upholstery cleaning equipment so you can know you are truly getting the best upholstery cleaning in Ogden, UT.

Just give us a call today for a free estimate. We can schedule your furniture steam cleaning and get your home feeling fresh and new again. 

Give us a call today to learn about any specials we may be running and to get a free estimate. We look forward to helping you with your upholstery cleaning needs!

Air Duct Cleaning

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you have air ducts and vents moving air throughout your home or office you are moving dirty air that could be contributing to poor health.
The development of air conditioning and furnace systems was a wonderful improvement to life. It allows us to feel the cooling air during a hot summer, and the comforting warmth during a cold winter night.

Maintaining these systems are important, but between your AC and furnace tune-ups you should be regularly cleaning the air ducts and vents that move that air through your home. Keeping them clean means you will have fresh air helping you feel comfortable.

When you need air duct cleaning and air vent cleaning in Ogden, UT you should remember your local Ogden Carpet Pros. We have all the right equipment to provide the very best in air duct cleaning services.

When we provide your Ogden air vent cleaning you get more than just a quick wipe down. We clean the air intakes, every single air vent, the entire air duct system, and even the furnace itself. We make sure your air ducts are cleaned all the way through so you know you are getting the best Ogden air duct cleaning, and all for a fair price.

We also go to the next level of fogging your system. This means we deodorize and disinfect the whole system. This means your air system is blowing truly clean, fresh air.

Our professional air duct cleaning services cleans every part of your system, including every branch, trunk, and the furnace. This will leave your system clean and like new again. That’s the way a truly professional cleaning service should do it. Rest assured, we are a professional cleaning service.

Call us to schedule your appointment today, or even to get a free estimate. Our Ogden cleaning pros are ready to take care of your air system. We look forward to your call!

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